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Do you have a Dog Child?

Here is the prepared postcard ready for you to make it your own!

This is the front of the postcard to show you how good Judy looks on her postcard!

Below is the backside of the postcard, cover the ENTIRE postcard with braggings about your Dog Child! Click on the image and it'll give a few simple instructions as well as the 4 by 6 postcard for you to cover with your Dog Child!

What's the Dog Child all about?!

Mr. and Mrs. McVitie love their dog Judy so much that they treat her like their own child. They let her sleep between them in their bed, they sew little outfits for her, they take her photo at every opportunity. One day, they dress her up and send her to kindergarten. The kids at school love Judy—she plays in all the games! The McVities even have a birthday party for Judy and invite all the kids and their parents. These parents find themselves wondering, “Are the McVities out of their minds? Do they think this dog is a kid?” At the party, they soon find out exactly what the McVities do think—and it’s even worse than they had imagined: the McVities want Judy to blow out the candles! Judy saves the day with a birthday wish that changes their lives forever.